Thursday, September 29, 2011

Super Sale: Large Custom Sofa

What happens when someone places a custom order and then cancels it at the last moment? You get an amazing cream sofa at a KILLER price. This 7 person sofa is taking up too much room in out outlet so we have it priced to sell! At $1399, you could not find another sofa, in as great as shape as this one, for a similar price. 

If you are looking for a unique sofa that seats 7 comfortably than this is the one for you. It is not listed on our site at this time. This gives you a great heads up and a better chance to take this sofa home. 

Come by our outlet and check out this amazing piece of furniture and see what other deals we have going on. Even if you are not looking for a sofa we have great deals on dining sets and accent chairs

New Items: Modern Kitchen Carts

I love the new items we have been getting in. These Kitchen Carts are super popular with our staff right now. They are perfect to use in a dining room if you need extra serving space. Because they are on wheels, you can put them where ever they are needed. I wish I had a bigger kitchen because I would use on as a movable island. With so many different styles, we have something for everyone. 

Priced at between $160 to $326, these Kitchen Carts are a steal. We have more than what is pictured below. If you are looking for a marble or granite style top or if you are interested in a butcher block feel, we have them. With plenty of storage, shelves and drawers, they will get a lot of use. 

Come by our Chicago Furniture Outlet to see them for yourself! As of right now they are not on our site so be the first to pick up a Kitchen Cart!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ghost Stools, Make Use Of Your Space

I wanted to share with you a picture of my dining room. When you walk in my back door there is a small room divider that I have always found useless and in the way....until.... I thought to pair it with a couple clear acrylic ghost stools. Now the space is  not so useless and I was able to add some extra seating. Also the acrylic added a nice contrast to all the wood in that room. Take a look, maybe you can use some ghost stools in your space. We have plenty in the outlet store and at a great price, $50!

Wednesday's Trend Spotter: Ghost Chairs

On Wednesdays I am going to be discussing what has been the top sellers for the past week. This is a good way to see patterns in trends and I will be talking about the most popular items, colors and fabrics.

Ghost Chairs have always been a big seller and this past week the clear acrylic arm chair was  a hot item. Made of transparent acrylics, the chair is sturdy and durable even as it displays a delicate, ethereal appearance. This versatile arm chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Mix them with a traditional wood dining table for a unique set or buy one to add as an accent chair to your living room. Any where you put them they are sure to get attention. 

If you are looking for a smaller chair we currently have many ivory armless ghost chairs on the floor. For $49 you can not pass on this amazing deal. This otherworldly opaque ivory accent or dining chair is simultaneously formal, modern, classic, and lightweight. Each chair is a sturdy acrylic and is conveniently stackable.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Favorites

I am in love with browns and beige this fall. I wear it and now I want it all around me! I picked out some of my fall favorites. While they can all be either used as dining chairs or accent chairs they are all very different. The beige tufted chair is wonderfully formal but so comfortable, the brown accent chair is simple but the chrome base adds a nice flare and the twill modern chair is hands down my favorite. I love it's modern style and the contrast of the twill fabric and wood legs. I can easily picture it in my living room. 

1. Brown Accent Chair- $113
2. Beige Linen Club Chair- $224
3. Modern Accent Chair- $131

The best part of Interior Express Outlet, besides the killer deals, is that you can come by and see these chairs for yourself!

Hidden Gem: Mod Club Accent Chair

While this great Patterned Accent Chair is not on our site, it is not so hidden. Find it right in front when you walk in the door. Bright and modern this chair needs someone to take it home. Use this accent chair to add a splash of color to your current space. With a bubble pattern in teal and brown this chair is super modern. Priced at $152.

Remember like all Hidden Gems, this chair is not online, giving you a better chance to bring it home!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday's Inspiration: Le Corbusier

Born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier, known as an architect and designer began his work in metal engraving. After being inspired by a professor at the age of 18 he changed direction, moving toward architecture. He was noticed very quickly in his field for his work inspired by Greek architecture and modern machinery. Along with being an accomplished architect he also co-designed a series of furniture that would later be very popular. He was able to combine his architectural aesthetic with furniture, producing a modern timeless design. 

At Interior Express Outlet we understand how popular this style is and how tight pocket books can be. Because of this, we offer, well crafted reproductions of the Le Corbusier style. At affordable prices, these wonderful pieces of timeless furniture can be yours. We carry the well known chair, Le Corbusier loveseat and sofa. 

Biography from Design Within Reach

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color Of The Month: Red

I couldn't help myself, I love red. I don't care if its red or burgundy, leather or plastic, I just love it. So I decided to run around the outlet and pick out all the red pieces, they were not hard to find as they REALLY stand out. We have sofas, dining chairs, bar stools, accent chairs and theater seats

Adding a pop of color to your current space is an easy way to spice things us. You do not have to spend very much to make a big change. Personally I love the Red Leather Modern Chair (#1).

Come by our Chicago outlet and check some of these pieces out, you will not be disappointed. 

1. Lintlaw Red Leather Modern Chair- $245
2. Lino Transparent Red Acrylic Dining Chair- $44
3. Red Leather Modern Sofa- $755 Chair- $454
4. Cyma White Molded Chair- $77
5. Red Leather Chair- $194
6. Red Fabric Convertible Sofa- $348
7. Red Fabric Club Chair- $231
8. Modern Red Sofa- $1587
9. Burgundy Home Theater Chairs - $699 (row of 4)
10.Lasenza Red Stool- $94

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dining Chairs To Fit Your Space And Personality

An easy way to spice up your space is picking up some new chairs.  Many people glaze over how great a room changer dining chairs can be. Dining tables are often chosen by color and size because of the  shoppers limited space. Dining chairs are a different matter with unlimited choices. Why choose the basic brown wood when you could have bright red velvet or stark white plastic?

Let your chairs speak to your sensibility and personality. Do you like rich fabric with a regal feel? Go for a large tufted arm chair. Do you enjoy modern minimalism? Many people are using acrylic in dining furniture. Super girly or clean and classic, there is a chair for everyone.  

The newest trend in dining chairs are chairs with a traditional shape made out of industrial type materials.  What do you think of aluminum dining chairs? I think they are sturdy and easy to clean. Imagine them paired with a simple dark wood table. Contrasting colors, shapes and materials can give your space the update it needs. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hidden Gem: Crazy Modern Club Chair

The coolest chairs are hidden in the warehouse behind the sofas and near the beds. There is not just one of these hidden gems but two. Have yourself a set. Talk about adding a splash of color to your space, these chairs scream modern. With a bright pattern and clear acrylic base these chairs will be the center of your room. Take one or both, either way you will be picking up a great score. Priced at $365 per chair.

Like all Hidden Gems these chairs are not listed on our site, first come first serve, stop by and take a look at these club chairs. 

Friday's Staff Pick: Sectional Sofa

"It isn’t as stylish as many of our other sectional sofas, but this is our most comfortable piece – no contest.  I dare you to NOT fall asleep on this!  It feels like a giant down pillow and the microfiber upholstery is some of our softest." -Danielle S.

I have to say I most definitely agree. I was working on a project earlier this year where I got to see many of our products close up. This is hands down one of the best quality and most comfortable sofas available. If I had room this sofa would already be in my home. This is a sentiment echoed throughout our office.

Available for under a grand, this Panos Brown Fabric Sectional is covered in a brown ribbed microfiber and filled with plush downy padding.Consisting of three pieces, a left arm sofa section, a right arm sofa section and a chaise extension which can be placed in front of either side to form a reversible chaise lounge, it can conform to most any challenging space. I love this feature and wish my current couch was so accommodating. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Products!

We got a shipment of new items! The chain of events that begin when we get new items starts with assembling one of each. Pictures are then taken of those items and they then go on the showroom floor.  More often than not they are on the floor before they are on our site. So this is your chance to come by the outlet and see first hand, maybe even purchase, some of our brand new items. Not only are they new, but in the case of many of the items, we have never carried anything like them before. 

House On The Rock, Spring Green Wisconsin

I had the opportunity a couple years ago to visit House On The Rock, built in 1940's and located in Spring Green Wisconsin. Don't let the name fool you, while it is an amazing house perched on the tip of a HUGE rock there is so much more to it than that. 

Calling this attraction a house does not do the experience justice. It all began innocently enough with a man, Alex Jordan, building himself a retreat. While he never intended his get away to become a local attraction, he could not keep the spectators at bay. Realizing this he began asking for a 50 cent donation to tour his creation. While he began building in the 1940's, he continued adding additions until the late 1980's. Some may call it, what his original 14 room residence had become, a museum. He wanted it to be an experience, a combination of sights and sounds. 

Upon entering, you are amazed at how vast and almost never ending the space is. Up and down stair cases, built around trees and showcasing the rock, this structure takes hours to view. As this is a furniture and design blog, I chose to focus strictly on the space and add a couple amazing photos that I think give you a glimpse of what I had the opportunity to see first hand.  Enjoy. 

For more information and photographs visit House On The Rock

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hidden Gem: Super Sale Item

Hidden to the side behind the clearance section I found this not so little gem. I would consider this a super sale item. Now discontinued, the Harley Coffee Table originally retailed for $570. You can pick up this one, there is only one, for $165. You read right, this is a killer deal and quite a nice coffee table. If I saw that price drop and didn't see the product I would guess it was beat up.... NOT in this case. I looked over the table and I would say it is in nice to great condition. There are a few minor scratches on top. Come in while its still here and see for yourself. Like all Hidden Gems items this coffee table is not listed on our site so this is your chance, as one of my readers, to make a big score.

Wednesday's Trend Spotter: Dining Chairs

On Wednesdays I am going to be discussing what has been the top sellers for the past week. This is a good way to see patterns in trends and I will be talking about the most popular items, colors and fabrics. 

This past week we saw a rush on dining chairs, both traditional and modern. Interior Express Outlet has such a wide range of options and that is reflected in our sales. Along with dining chairs, our Polly Dark Wood Dining Table was a hot seller. When you need chairs you also need a table. In the picture below, the Lanark Dining Chairs are paired with the Polly table. This is a fast selling set. 

One of the more traditional dining chairs in our store and definitely one of our most popular is the Berreman Dark Brown Dining Chair. This chair is any easy choice because it's simple styling will compliment any table. 

The chairs below are not what you would traditionally think of as dining chairs but they can easily add a little spice to your current space. Use them as accent chairs or dining chairs, these seats are durable and easy to clean. More on the modern side, these items have been very popular.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hidden Gem: Tray Coffee Table

Once and a while we have something that has made its way on the floor, and is currently not on the website. I am going to try to get those items on the blog as to give readers an upper hand on the great deals and unique items. 

This coffee table was an easy choice to share with you. I love the high gloss of the red paint against the matte finish of the "handle". The size of this coffee table also allows it to be used as an end table. It is hard to tell by the picture but the table is what I would consider an average height for an end table. 

First come first serve on this item and check back often for other Hidden Gems. 

Price: $156

Furniture and Chicago Estate Sale Hunting

I love to spend my weekends hunting down estate sales or new antique stores. We stopped by what we thought to be an estate sale on Sunday but it ended up being an antique store attempting to pass as an estate sale. I did not leave with anything but I snapped a few pictures of pieces of furniture I liked. A couple of the items reminded me of some pieces we have in our Chicago furniture outlet. 

I love well worn leather. Everything about this chair is just right and it reminds me of our Carnegie Brown Leather Club Chair
I can not get enough of patterned accent chairs right now. Add scrolled arms and great details like this pleated fan shaped back and you have everything I could ask for. Our Conti Red Fabric Club Chair is similar in shape but with a few modern twists.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's Inspiration: Eames

I stumbled across this great video of Charles Eames debuting some of his new modern chairs on NBC in 1956. As described in the video the chairs were developed out of the idea that furniture can be mass produced out of durable materials at an affordable price. The same idea has followed through into the reproductions. Of course people are more likely to seek out the original chairs but they often find that the originals are difficult to find and often very pricey. Reproductions have their place as an affordable option for people who enjoy the style of modern contemporary furniture and also enjoy the discount price. Many of the chairs shown in the video are sold as reproductions and are available in our furniture outlet.

The modern plastic rocking chair, as a reproduction in our return items section, sells for $56.

The small modern plastic accent chair with chrome legs, as a reproduction in our return items section, sells for $30.

A lot can be learned about our favorite furniture by taking a look back at where it all began.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Staff Pick: Aluminum Modern Cafe Table

"This Inox Cafe Table is perfect for outdoors. It’s a great look that can accent well with almost any d├ęcor. AND it’s especially nostalgic for those that really enjoy having a classic element typically found at your favorite outdoor patio in Chicago. I sure do."- Chris

Product: Inox Aluminum Modern Cafe Table
Price: $69

Aluminum furniture is all the rage right now. Not only is it durable enough for outdoor use it adds a interesting contrast to typical indoor furniture. We currently have both bar tables and dining tables

If you are looking for aluminum chairs, there are a few available in the Interior Express Outlet showroom. Stop by and check out our Contemporary Aluminum Accent Chairs.  It is constructed with polished aluminum that has a matte finish. Attached to the bottom of each leg is a plastic foot, which helps to protect flooring from scratches or damage. 

Often when you think of aluminum chairs or bar stools you picture a brushed aluminum finish but there are many different colors available to match your current space. Theses Aluminum Cafe Stools are available in brushed aluminum, red and black. The options don't stop there. We also offer them in a swivel stool .

The best way to keep up with our current stock is to stop by our show room. 


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