Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Staff Pick: Aluminum Modern Cafe Table

"This Inox Cafe Table is perfect for outdoors. It’s a great look that can accent well with almost any décor. AND it’s especially nostalgic for those that really enjoy having a classic element typically found at your favorite outdoor patio in Chicago. I sure do."- Chris

Product: Inox Aluminum Modern Cafe Table
Price: $69

Aluminum furniture is all the rage right now. Not only is it durable enough for outdoor use it adds a interesting contrast to typical indoor furniture. We currently have both bar tables and dining tables

If you are looking for aluminum chairs, there are a few available in the Interior Express Outlet showroom. Stop by and check out our Contemporary Aluminum Accent Chairs.  It is constructed with polished aluminum that has a matte finish. Attached to the bottom of each leg is a plastic foot, which helps to protect flooring from scratches or damage. 

Often when you think of aluminum chairs or bar stools you picture a brushed aluminum finish but there are many different colors available to match your current space. Theses Aluminum Cafe Stools are available in brushed aluminum, red and black. The options don't stop there. We also offer them in a swivel stool .

The best way to keep up with our current stock is to stop by our show room. 

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