Thursday, October 25, 2012

NEW Affordable Modern Coat Racks - Just In Time For The Winter Season!

Happy Thursday!

We have lucked out this past week with amazingly warm weather but winter season is just around the corner! The naked trees and frosted leaves are going to creep up on us before you know it!  If you are like me you are probably in desperate need of extra hanging room for your winter wardrobe.  Saturday I am moving and storage is on my mind with the colder weather approaching quickly. Soon it will be time to break out all of those winter coats and get ready for the holiday season. Especially when those holiday get-togethers bring even more jackets and coats in need of hanging, extra hanging space is a must!

Luckily, Interior Express Outlet has a new line of coat racks just in time for the winter season! And by new, I mean brand spanking new! So new, that we haven't even come up with a proper name yet. But I bring this to you are a special surprise for all you wonderful blog readers. This is a great iron rod coat rack that is great for any decor. The shape of the Coat Rack doubles as extra hanging space for more coats, hats, Umbrellas, and even scarves.

This coat rack was just put out on display in the warehouse along with a few different styles. Interior Express Outlet brings this wonderful rack to you at an extremely affordable price. Keep your eyes peeled for this coat rack and tons of new product on our website coming soon. In the meantime please check out all of the awesome furniture Interior Express Outlet
currently has to offer on our website, or better yet, come stop in and pay us a visit. We have tons of affordable modern and contemporary furniture!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Affordable Modern Writing Desks - Great Fit For Any Decor!


It's here! IT'S HERE!....well, almost anyway. Sonny and I are moving into the new apartment this weekend, and we couldn't be more excited. But there are still a
few things we need for the apartment as far as the furniture goes.

As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time on my 27" iMac so when it comes to desk hunting, I am in need of a desk that is small yet sturdy. I came across some of Interior Express Outlet's new products and immediately fell in love with one of the new writing desks.

The Fargo Writing Desk is perfect for any type of desk function that a person may need. It has a modern and sleek design with excellent storage for your desk knickknacks. It isn't bulky and it's the perfect size for smaller areas. This desk is so new, it is not on the website just yet. But hang tight everyone, the Fargo writing desk, as well as other Modern desks and furniture options will soon grace the pages of We are constantly growing our variety of Affordable Modern Furniture so please feel free to check out our website anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!
Na-NA-NAAA-Na, Hey-Hey-Hey, Good-Bye


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Modern Furniture that wont break the bank!

Why Hello There!

Many think that when designing a space you have to forgo comfort for stylish. That is most certainly not the case at all!

 When entering a room, sometimes you might feel instantly comfortable. This isn't because of how comfy the furniture looks but because of the decor and placement of furniture.

Budgets and incomes could be tight these days with our economy and sometimes big furniture pieces can be quite pricey. Luckily, we have a perfect couch that not only looks comfy, but wont break the bank. It is a quality, affordable Modern Furniture piece that will go a long way in a living room! The Baxton Studio Natalie Fabric Sofa Sectional, is a great addition to any living room. Not only does it look sleek and modern, but its very comfortable! Its at such an affordable price too! Come in and check out this Natalie Fabric Sofa Sectional at Interior Express Outlet.

(And to all you husbands/boyfriends, you won't get such a rough night's sleep when you are in the dog house with the Natalie Fabric Sofa Sectional.)

And...I'm out...for now.



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Affordable Contemporary TV Stands Perfect For Your Storage Needs!

Hello Fellow Chicagoians!
As you can hopefully tell by the picture I posted of Sonny playing with his friends that he is quite the energetic puppy. If you are like me and have a puppy, or even a child for that matter, I bet they are constantly a busy-body, so you'll want to read this blog for a helpful tip when buying furniture! 

Sonny is always on the move and looking for things to play with, so I need a TV stand with doors and drawers that will help curb his urge to rummage through things that are not his toys. The Baxton Studio Gosford Brown Wood Modern TV Stand is the ideal storage solution for my new apartment. It has two center drawers and two side cabinets which make it a great place to store all of my accessories.

Interior Express Outlet has such a wide variety of Affordable Modern Furniture. So in case this TV stand isn't quite floatin' your boat, never fear, we have a variety of different styles, as well as other types of furniture. We hope you'll stop in and visit us soon!
Live Long And Prosper!



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Affordable Furniture - Modern Wine Cabinets and Display Units

Greatings Chicagoians!

I stumbled across this lovely piece of furniture in Interior Express Outlet this week. I think it is a perfect piece of furniture for all the Wine-o's and wannabe Wine-o's to display their bottles of fermented grape juice.

Baxton Studio Modesto Brown Modern Dry Bar and Wine Cabinet is a great furniture piece for you to display your wine collection, glasses, and accessories. This Cabinet also features a top shelf resting place for your wine glass as your inner social butterfly emerges and interacts with your guests.

Interior Express Outlet has many other modern and contemporary Wine Cabinets if this one doesn't seem to float your boat, or the decor of your home. Come in and see us and be sure to check out all of our Affordable Modern Furniture that we have to offer!



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Affordable Bedroom Furniture for the First Time Mover!

Ah! Its The Case of the Sleeping Chronicles

There is a period of time where it takes me a bit of effort to get Sonny out of bed in the morning(I'm sure this is very similar between parents and their children)especially with Day Light Savers disappearing more every day. Either Sonny is super lazy, or it just throws off his internal clock. With that being said, he just LOVES sleeping with me on my bed every night.

As my move into my new apartment is nearing, I am in much need of an updated bedset. This bed frame has to also be Sonny appropriate. As I looked at our warehouse, I quickly set my eyes on the Baxton Studio Montserrat Black Wood 5-Piece Modern Bedroom Set.

This is a very affordable modern furniture design that will fit perfectly in my new bedroom! It's a very sleek and modern design that is simplistic enough for my taste, but also has a bit of intricate design elements. Interior Express Outlet has many different styles of bedroom furniture perfect to fit the decor of any room. The deals on bedroom sets are unbeatable! And I think it will most definitely be Sonny-Approved.





Thursday, October 4, 2012

Columbus Day Sale! - Affordable Modern Furniture - This weekend only!

In Fourteen-Hundred-Ninety-Two, Columbus Sailed...Sale! - This weekend only!

Here I am once again! But this time, I will hopefully add a bit more sunshine to your day than usual.

This weekend only we are having a Columbus Day Sale! Interior Express Outlet has a lot of amazing deals, some which are featured below. I hope you guys can make it out to pay us a visit! We have many varieties of Affordable Furniture at an addition 10% off.

Hurry on out this weekend to our warehouse because supplies are limited!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Affordable Furniture - Affordable Mirrors To Help Maximize Small Spaces!

Good Afternoon!

The apartment that I will be moving into in just a couple of weeks isn't the most spacious of places. I plan on using a common and innovative technique to make my living area seem larger.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...
In a small space every bit counts. Small rooms can often be confining and least in my opinion.

This Baxton Studio Doniea Dark Brown Wood Frame Modern Mirror will help do my living room wonders. I plan on placing it at an angle, towards the focal point in the living room. This will help give the room more added depth. This Baxton Studio Doniea Mirror is among hundreds of Affordable Modern Furniture pieces that we have in the warehouse and online. If you are looking for a way to expand a small space without actually expanding it, or if you just need an excuse to see your reflection(ha-ha), come in and check out all of our mirror options, or visit us online at




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