Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Affordable Contemporary TV Stands Perfect For Your Storage Needs!

Hello Fellow Chicagoians!
As you can hopefully tell by the picture I posted of Sonny playing with his friends that he is quite the energetic puppy. If you are like me and have a puppy, or even a child for that matter, I bet they are constantly a busy-body, so you'll want to read this blog for a helpful tip when buying furniture! 

Sonny is always on the move and looking for things to play with, so I need a TV stand with doors and drawers that will help curb his urge to rummage through things that are not his toys. The Baxton Studio Gosford Brown Wood Modern TV Stand is the ideal storage solution for my new apartment. It has two center drawers and two side cabinets which make it a great place to store all of my accessories.

Interior Express Outlet has such a wide variety of Affordable Modern Furniture. So in case this TV stand isn't quite floatin' your boat, never fear, we have a variety of different styles, as well as other types of furniture. We hope you'll stop in and visit us soon!
Live Long And Prosper!



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