Thursday, December 31, 2009

Neat orange sofa with floating arm

Check out this sofa, it's in a premium orange leather (great for either contemporary fans or Bears fans or both).  All of those pillows are removable and that's crescent ottoman at the end.  We used to carry this sofa by the hundreds a few years ago but I guess the people in our warehouse found an extra set in the back so this must be in the discontinued section.  Chicago furniture at it's finest!

I can really see this in a loft facing out with a lake view or in someone's great room with a vaulted ceiling.  This would really give the room some curves and a great fluid feel.  Seriously though, I think we only have one so if you are coming out, please call ahead to make sure it's still here.

Chicago Furniture

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chicago Artwork

I know that a lot of you don't know this but we, through a program that my mother Pat runs, let some local artists hang art on our walls. I think this is a great program for the artists and us we need the art and they need a place to hang some of it (a perfect relationship!).

We try and choose art that fits with most of our pieces and while we do sell some home theater seats we also sell much more contemporary furniture.  I think contemporary furniture is in our blood!  So we don't collect a commission on the pieces, we pay the artist directly for their work and we try and keep the prices down under $500 for the HUGE 5 foot by 5 foot paintings so we can stay in the price range of a discount Chicago Furniture warehouse operation.  I keep telling the artists the LOWER the price the better, let someone else enjoy your work inside of their home for a change. 

Almost none of this work is on our website, that just goes to show you how behind we are on updating it.  I'll do my best to get that working this week but until then, I took these pictures on my Iphone.  Take a look and tell me what you think:

I like the one on the top, it's two different canvases pushed together.

The picture below is two different pictures.  There's a top large one and then three smaller ones that are sold in a set.

The one above is HUGE, great for a big white wall, possibly a room with vaulted ceilings.  This is really a centerpiece.


If you have ever wondered who Vivian is,here she is. Yes she is real and she likes soup.

Location:Golf Ln,Bensenville,United States

Monday, December 28, 2009

Home theater seating in the warehouse

We get a lot of people coming out for home theater seating so I'm hoping I can answer some of your questions about it here. First question...who makes these? We do, these are 100% ours. The are NOT Berkline, Coaster or anyone else's. What we wanted to do was make a seat that was better but at a lower price. So these pictures show you some of the finished quality of the seats:

This is the underneath of the 8326 model, notice how it is fully covered so no wood is exposed. This was in direct response to some of our competitors that didn't bother to finish the udnerside.

Here is one lying on it's back with the "foot" out.  All of the working pieces are completely sealed!

Here is the finished product sitting up in our warehouse.  We had created some risers out of pallets and cardboard.  The seats looked fantastic, but of course I'm biased.

We are seriously in a limited supply situation in our Chicago Furniture Outlet and we are selling our odds and end pieces (might be a mixed leather lot or returns or photo models) and the chairs were going for $179 each.  Once the returns are gone, they are gone so if you have questions or want to check quantities, email us.

6 chairs left at $49 each

Back in the good ol days of 2002 we were selling these at $100 per pop, wholesale. As time goes on we have moved on to other products and though, what I call "warehouse treasure hunting" I hunted down a box full of six of these.

We used to have the Chicago Furniture stores assemble these but we did it for you so all you really need to do is shove them in a car or van or whatever. I love them! Very contemporary. I'm positive I paid more than $49 for them, not counting the shipping to get here.

Location:Golf Ln,Bensenville,United States

Sunday, December 27, 2009


190 North was at our place a few weeks ago to film a spot on Chicago outlet stores. The idea was that when times are tough you can save some money by going to outlet stores.

So it was pretty exciting for us to have all of that attention. So far around 600 people have come into the store from the segment.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chicago Furniture

Although we have been open for around 7 years, I don't think we have done a great job on advertising.  Interiorexpress outlet is the liquidation arm of .  We mostly service online stores and local retailers but we get an occaisional return or overstock or bump and dent so we have to sell it off cheap to move it out.  We have a lot of long term customers that have done serveral different homes with us but we never advertised so I think we have fallen short on market share.

Hopefully this year people will start to notice us and spread the word!  So if you are looking for Chicago Furniture this year, please look us up!


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