Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Le Corbusier in Stock for Great Deal Price

We just got a whole batch of Le Corbusier sofa, chair and loveseats come in. I took some pictures when our warehouse opened them for inspection. All these are now available for great sale prices.

This Le Corbusier sofa and chair design is famous for its clear cut lines and simplicity. Tubular frame on the outside presents the designer’s respect of modernization. The piece is a perfect illustration of the “less is more” theory. This is a great piece for contemporary living room furniture, lobby furniture or office furniture.

Not modern design lover can afford the price of the original though. You will not want to comprise and settle with low quality replica either. Here is where we come in. We have been offering high quality reproduction for a very reasonable price.

As for any other items, Interior Express Outlet offers the best deal in terms of furniture in Chicago. As a direct importer and distributor, we would like to pass on our savings (from the large quantity we order) from our manufacturers to consumers and furniture stores.

Our showroom is open seven days a week. Stop by and check them out.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Very Modern Bar Stool

There is always a little excitement going on every time new products come in. We totally take advantage of the fact that the photo room is right next to our office, so we get the excitement fast. Our Chicago furniture showroom is the second beneficiary, which gets all the photo models right away for great sale price.

Our little curiosity has been greatly satisfied recently, as we have new products almost every month for the past several months. It is even better that there are many interesting items from the past several batches too. Look at the red bar stool I saw this morning! It is almost the first time we have scarlet red upholstery.

We have had many modern bar stools. The old Bombo stool has been one of the classics. We started selling it like five years ago, and it has been one of the best sellers all the time. Well, now I think about it, maybe it is because Bombo stools come in four different colors (white, red, silver, and black), and all the colors are popular.
Other than that, all the other popular stools are mostly black or white, or maybe natural wood color, darker or lighter. This is the first upholstered bar stool in red. Chicago may not be the largest modern contemporary furniture market in the country, but it still has a decent group of fans for modernity. Hopefully we will have someone appreciate this stool here.  

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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Club Chairs in our Chicago Furniture Photo Room

I was walking to our Chicago furniture showroom this morning and noticed these sleek club chairs in the photo room. Well, looks like a new batch of new products just arrived.

This batch of club chairs, or you can call them cigar chairs, are a little bit more modern than the older club chair models. The old models we have are wider, with bigger arm rests too. One of the old best sellers is the recliner club chair. It is a huge chair with lots of cushioning, and big armrests. On top of its plushy cushioning, it has a reclining back too. That chair comes in two separate boxes (one for the seat, and the other for the back and armrests). It also comes with a matching ottoman, which creates the set of extreme comfort.

The new chairs I saw here are not that wide, but of decent size. The major differences between them are the armrest design and the back design. You could see from the picture that they have decent cushioning too (and yes, they are comfortable when I sat on them). One other different feature of this batch chairs is that the leather upholstery is not shiny as the older models. Many of the older models we have are upholstered with shiny bycast leather. That type of leather is extremely easy to clean, as it has a layer of chemical treatment that protects the leather. The shiny bycast leather is thus popular among families with kids and pets. However, the shininess does give the furniture a kind of traditional look. In contrast, these new chairs feature non-shiny leather upholstery, which appear more saturated and solid in terms of color.

We are taking pictures of the club chairs next week. After that, all the photo models (brand new opened from box today) will be available in the showroom. If you are looking for good deal on furniture in Chicago, stop by and check them out!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We used to have 8-piece dining room sets only. The issue with that is our manufacturer does not like us to purchase individual pieces separately. The customer will need to purchase one table, six chairs and a buffet at the same time. Those sets are big sized too, with a full sized (some extendable) dining table. So although it is good deal to get the entire set, not everyone has the space for it. We have had customers really liked the sets but had to turn away only because they cannot fit all the pieces in their dining room.
We have been trying to introduce small sets since a couple of years ago, and we still carry them in our Chicago furniture showroom. Many of the new sets come without a buffet and with a comparatively small dining table (smaller than the old tables but still decent size). The sets are mainly table with dining chairs, sometimes six chairs and sometimes even only four chairs. This way, the customers have much more flexibility. They can get as many chairs as they needed, and when they purchase the sets, they still get a good discount.
We introduced a very interesting 5-piece dining room set a couple of weeks ago, and it is now available through our Chicago furniture showroom. This set comes with a table (decent size but not too big), two benches and two chairs. It is the first time that we have leather benches go in dining sets. There was a trend to have wood benches to go with dining sets, but leather benches are absolutely more comfortable. Danielle may disagree with me, because I know she loved the rustic feel of the wood bench, but look at the leather benches: it would fit in most d├ęcor and it so much more comfortable.
The bench is upholstered with bycast leather and stuffed with high-density polyurethane foam. It has high back, just like the chairs. The tufted back and the cherry-finish legs create an elegant look. I like the set. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top Seller Sofa Back to Showroom

We show many sofas and sectionals that in our showroom. Recently, we even introduced some models exclusively for Chicago furniture warehouse sale. When we reviewed it last week, we found this black sectional we introduced about a year ago has become the top seller. It is a modern sofa chaise sectional with adjustable headrests. The metal legs give it a sleek contemporary style. It comes with a matching ottoman with the same legs, and the entire set is being offered for a low price at this moment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drawing and the Chicago Art Scene

 I believe someone has already published the book "How to Draw What You See."  I would like to publish another with a very similar title.  It could be of any length.  At the top of each page would be printed "Draw What You See."  That is all.

Another book, following the present trend of bore while you pretend to teach, presented four hundred pages on how to use a wooden pencil.  Can you believe it?

In our Chicago gallery community we will hand out a pencil, paper, a sharpener and perhaps an eraser, tell the class to look, and move the pencil across the paper.

Tin our Chicago art community, play fast rhythmic music, begin life drawing poses at much less than a minute each and shred the completed drawings before they become precious.  After all, when Pablo Picasso was asked to choose his favorite work, he said, "The Next One."

A respected artist friend said often, I think her only criticism, "It's too literal."  Capture the essence.  Let the pencil get out of focus, swivel the shoulder, not the hand, elbow or fingers for movement. 

When a carpenter drives nails all day, he must look only at the head of the nail or his fingers will be impossibly damaged. 

Let the eyes flow from the model to the pencils point and the lines it makes. 

Don't correct.  Move on, be brave.  It really works, especially with practice.  Real estate agents have three rules; location, location, location.  You must get practice, practice, practice.

For the Chicago arts scene, get dynamic models with dynamic poses.  Dancers are often the best.  Don't slow down to deadly long poses.  Drawing is an art in itself, not a preliminary for a painting.  Don't let the painters or the detail freaks drag you down to safe, but boring slow poses.

A Chicago area critic some years ago warned of the democratization of art.  Entry levels have been dropped to where art instruction is often a social pastime.  Six weeks into an eight week summer session, a young man, a graduate student, with his bar feet on the table before him, stated he may begin building a fence across a field.  A young Cristo?  In my view, the only real art for Cristo was his preliminary drawings.

All children beginning school can draw.  The bean counter instruction in schools forces them between the lines and out of contact with their own pipeline to what is really fine.

My Chicago Art Scene would foster a proficiency in drawing before moving on.  We would encourage drawing as a terminal process.

I attended a prominent art studio in the Chicago Art Scene for over ten years.  When I asked the master of the studio if after his thirty years in the studio was the work always this bad, he replied in the affirmative.

Patrick Tanner is an Artist in Chicago. His working is currently being displayed at InteriorExpressOutlet art gallery. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My house

I picked up this sofa from our Chicago furniture warehouse a few years ago. It was a returned item that had one foot broken off. I replaced the foot myself in about ten minutes and took it home. I think we got the red pillows from Pottery Barn.

There's a lot of cheap furniture sitting in our liquidation warehouse so please come out and take a look.


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