Friday, March 19, 2010

New Club Chairs in our Chicago Furniture Photo Room

I was walking to our Chicago furniture showroom this morning and noticed these sleek club chairs in the photo room. Well, looks like a new batch of new products just arrived.

This batch of club chairs, or you can call them cigar chairs, are a little bit more modern than the older club chair models. The old models we have are wider, with bigger arm rests too. One of the old best sellers is the recliner club chair. It is a huge chair with lots of cushioning, and big armrests. On top of its plushy cushioning, it has a reclining back too. That chair comes in two separate boxes (one for the seat, and the other for the back and armrests). It also comes with a matching ottoman, which creates the set of extreme comfort.

The new chairs I saw here are not that wide, but of decent size. The major differences between them are the armrest design and the back design. You could see from the picture that they have decent cushioning too (and yes, they are comfortable when I sat on them). One other different feature of this batch chairs is that the leather upholstery is not shiny as the older models. Many of the older models we have are upholstered with shiny bycast leather. That type of leather is extremely easy to clean, as it has a layer of chemical treatment that protects the leather. The shiny bycast leather is thus popular among families with kids and pets. However, the shininess does give the furniture a kind of traditional look. In contrast, these new chairs feature non-shiny leather upholstery, which appear more saturated and solid in terms of color.

We are taking pictures of the club chairs next week. After that, all the photo models (brand new opened from box today) will be available in the showroom. If you are looking for good deal on furniture in Chicago, stop by and check them out!

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