Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We used to have 8-piece dining room sets only. The issue with that is our manufacturer does not like us to purchase individual pieces separately. The customer will need to purchase one table, six chairs and a buffet at the same time. Those sets are big sized too, with a full sized (some extendable) dining table. So although it is good deal to get the entire set, not everyone has the space for it. We have had customers really liked the sets but had to turn away only because they cannot fit all the pieces in their dining room.
We have been trying to introduce small sets since a couple of years ago, and we still carry them in our Chicago furniture showroom. Many of the new sets come without a buffet and with a comparatively small dining table (smaller than the old tables but still decent size). The sets are mainly table with dining chairs, sometimes six chairs and sometimes even only four chairs. This way, the customers have much more flexibility. They can get as many chairs as they needed, and when they purchase the sets, they still get a good discount.
We introduced a very interesting 5-piece dining room set a couple of weeks ago, and it is now available through our Chicago furniture showroom. This set comes with a table (decent size but not too big), two benches and two chairs. It is the first time that we have leather benches go in dining sets. There was a trend to have wood benches to go with dining sets, but leather benches are absolutely more comfortable. Danielle may disagree with me, because I know she loved the rustic feel of the wood bench, but look at the leather benches: it would fit in most d├ęcor and it so much more comfortable.
The bench is upholstered with bycast leather and stuffed with high-density polyurethane foam. It has high back, just like the chairs. The tufted back and the cherry-finish legs create an elegant look. I like the set. 

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