Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Very Modern Bar Stool

There is always a little excitement going on every time new products come in. We totally take advantage of the fact that the photo room is right next to our office, so we get the excitement fast. Our Chicago furniture showroom is the second beneficiary, which gets all the photo models right away for great sale price.

Our little curiosity has been greatly satisfied recently, as we have new products almost every month for the past several months. It is even better that there are many interesting items from the past several batches too. Look at the red bar stool I saw this morning! It is almost the first time we have scarlet red upholstery.

We have had many modern bar stools. The old Bombo stool has been one of the classics. We started selling it like five years ago, and it has been one of the best sellers all the time. Well, now I think about it, maybe it is because Bombo stools come in four different colors (white, red, silver, and black), and all the colors are popular.
Other than that, all the other popular stools are mostly black or white, or maybe natural wood color, darker or lighter. This is the first upholstered bar stool in red. Chicago may not be the largest modern contemporary furniture market in the country, but it still has a decent group of fans for modernity. Hopefully we will have someone appreciate this stool here.  

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