Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clear Acrylic Side Table with Magazine Rack **Video**

Clear, contemporary and convenient this Acrylic Side Table is a necessity in a modern home. When you don't want to clutter up your space with extra pieces, this end table that doubles as a magazine rack is what you need. Multi-functional furniture is the way to go.

Black Wood Table Tray Top End Table with Silver Metal C Base Video

Pretty much every home has end tables but not every home has end tables this chic. The Black Wood Table has a classic wood grain top with a contrasting stainless steel base. This end table takes up little room but offers a lot of extra space.

Tan Club Chair New 360 View Short Video

Quality meets comfort in this Tan Club Chair. Use it in a living room or an office, either way this chair will get use. Made with an excellent microfiber and a solid wood frame this accent chair will be around for years to come. The classic styling will allow it to be "in" for all the years it lasts.

Cream Fabric Convertible Sofa Bed Futon Video

The outdated crusty basement dwelling piece of furniture we all think of when we hear the term futon is no more. In its place is the classy up to date, maybe even futuristic must have, the Cream Fabric Convertible Sofa. Take a look, you know you want to, and see for yourself the future of futons and sofa beds.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Black Acrylic Side Chair Ghost Chair New Video

Everything you could possibly want in a chair you can find with these Black Acrylic Ghost Chairs. Modern? Check. Sophisticated? Check. Funky? Check. Lightweight and stackable? Check. How does one chair satisfy all these needs you ask? Take a look at this 360 view video to see these acrylic dining chairs for yourself.

Red Fabric Convertible Futon 360 View Video

Taking it up a notch from the average futon this Red Fabric Convertible Futon added a flirty twist. If you check out the website you will see that this sofas first name is Stella, with a name like Stella you know this sofa bed is sassy.

Brown Leather Storage Ottoman New Video

Spacious and sensible this Brown Leather Storage Ottoman in made of lush leather over a sturdy wood frame. Robust hinges support the large top and make it easy to lift. While it looks bulky it is surprisingly easy to move. If you are looking for a storage ottoman this one has everything you are asking for.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Modern Acrylic Chair Ghost Chair New Short Video

More understated than the black acrylic chairs the Modern Acrylic Chair give the owner more options. This dining chair, because it is clear, can easily fit into any room. No need to worry about matching with a clear chair. See if you can see it for yourself in this 360 view video.

Ghost Chair Black Acrylic Stackable Arm Chair Video

These Black Stackable Ghost chairs has all the features of their smaller cousins plus a few extras. Everything you love about ghost chairs are still featured, added is a wider base and arm rests. These are just the more serious version of the ghost chairs. Still offered in black, these acrylic dining chairs are worth taking a look at.

Acrylic Armed Ghost Chair Take A Look At This 360 Video

If you are looking for a larger more formal version than the traditional ghost chair this one is offered with arm rests. The addition of the arm rest give the Acrylic Armed Ghost Chair a dining chair look and feel, the wider base helps also. While they may look like dining chairs the clear acrylic gives them a definite modern feel. If you are using the smaller ghost chair as an accent piece, why not bring your rooms together by picking up a set of these clear acrylic dining chairs.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Brown Chair Wood Y-Back Accent Chair Take A Look At The New Video

The Brown Y-Back Accent Chair would make an interesting dining chair, a comfortable desk chair or a unique accent chair for the living room. Perfect for any room this affordable accent chair is made of sturdy hard wood for the frame and hemp for the seat. Overall this is a durable chair that will last the test of time for both wear and tear and style.

Ghost Stool Clear Acrylic Bar Height Bar Stool Check Out The New Video

It can't get any easier to harmonize these Clear Acrylic Ghost Stools with your other bar furniture. No need to worry these stools will go with just about anything. These bar height stools, while being eye catching, also do not distract from other pieces in the room. check them out for yourself, if you can find them, in this 360 view video.

Black Wood Y Chair ~Video~

The Black Y Chair would make an interesting dining chair, a comfortable desk chair or a unique accent chair for the living room. Perfect for any room this affordable accent chair is available in three colors.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Raffle!! Hand Painted One of a Kind Chair

Here is your chance to own a one of a kind piece of hand painted art and a Ghost Chair!! ow yeah did I say its free! All you have to do is follow this link, and like the page to enter the raffle!

The artist is one of our own and has been pinstriping for many years now. She has traveled the country and her artwork can be found in several countries. She is sharing her creativity with us and giving you the opportunity to own a one of a kind piece for FREE!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wishbone Chair Ivory Wood New 360 Video

While from the video this Wishbone Ivory Wood Chair looks delicate, it is made of sturdy solid wood. This is a reproduction of a popular retro piece but at a affordable price. This accent chair is available in three colors.

Taupe Chair Mid-Century Style Video

With its unique shape and fabric this Taupe Chair has quite the personality. Now the question is does your home already have enough personality? I know mine doesn't and I am tempted to walk away with one of these accent chairs. Take a look for yourself with this 360 view of this mid century modern accent piece.

Acrylic Legged Accent Chair Floral Patterned New Short 360 Video

This Acrylic Legged Accent Chair has a bright floral pattern covering the entirety of the seat. Nothing the designers could do to the legs of this chair could outshine the floral pattern so why not just make them invisible. That's what they did, make them clear acrylic which give a surprising contrast to such a domineering floral pattern on this accent chair.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

White Plastic Dining Chair New Video

Paired with a heavy wood table this White Plastic Dining Chair would offer a very interesting contrast. Made out of a one piece white molded plastic this chair is very light weight. The negative space caused by the back rest and arm rests along with the cut outs give this accent chair a light airy feel.

White Tufted Accent Chair Faux Leather with Chromed Metal Legs New Video

This White Tufted Accent Chair is similar to its molded plastic cousins but has many more eye catching details. While these chairs share a shape and base, the similarities end there. This accent chair has a soft vinyl seat with foam padding and a finely stitched and button tufted design. The added details are easily seen in this short video.

White Molded Plastic Shell Rocking Chair Short Video

This White Molded Plastic Rocking Chair is made of many contrasting materials which adds interesting detail to what would be a very simple design. The shell its self is made of a hard white molded plastic that forms around the body while the frame is made of steel and the rockers a solid ash wood. It is surprisingly comfortable and small enough to fit in almost any home.

White Plastic Chair with Chrome Metal Base New 360 Video

In an age of eco awareness this White Plastic Chair is right on the money with its recyclable polypropylene seat. Is small size makes it perfect for an apartment or dorm room but also because of its unique shape and design it could be used as an accent chair in a contemporary style home. This multifunctional chair is a must have.

White Plastic Accent Chair 360 Short Video

This small White Plastic Accent chair would be perfect in a dorm room as a desk chair or in small apartment dining room. The minimalist design and great contrasting textures also lends itself to being an interesting accent piece for a contemporary space. Offered is a great 360 view of this modern accent chair.

White Modern Accent Chair 360 View Video

This White Accent Chair is very modern but pays homage to its retro styling. Perfect for many homes because of its unique style and classic colors. Made with durable materials this accent chair will last the test of time, just like its retro shape.

Clear Acrylic Adjustable Chair New 360 Video

Now this Clear Acrylic Chair is twist on an office chair and perfect for someone who is looking for a way to spice up their space. Office chairs have always been just that, office chairs with no style just practicality, until now. This task chair may be a little extreme, but ow so stylish.

Fabric Modern Dining Chair Video

A traditional chair with a modern twist is exactly what these Fabric Dining Chairs are.The soft tan microfiber fabric covers the seat and front and rear of the back rest. Look for yourself in this short 360 view video.

Taupe Twill Dining Chair with Dark Wood Legs 360 View Video

If you are looking for a modern twist on the traditional dining room table you have found them. These Taupe Dining Chairs are both modern and comfortable with their wide base and padded seats. The lack of arm rests and taupe color make these fabric chairs very contemporary.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Black Bar Piston Stool Short 360 Video

If you are looking for replacement bar stool that will easily fit in with your current bar, these are the stools you are looking for. These Black Piston Bar Stools have a simple style that fit many people's taste. Even thought they are simple these adjustable stools still have eye catching details such as the frame that extends into the footrest and the powder coated steel.

Chrome Adjustable Barstool Black White New 360 View Video

Could you ask for more than vinyl and chrome? I know I can't, especially in a bar stool with such a great retro feel. With a round vinyl base and back rest available in black or white this adjustable vinyl bar stool would be perfect for a 50's diner or soda fountain. Don't pigeon hole this adjustable bar stool just yet as a retro piece because with its new, shiny and durable materials this stool would also fit in nicely with a modern bar theme.

Brown Adjustable Barstool Have A Look At This New Video

If you are looking for something to spice up your kitchen area or give new life to an outdated bar these gravity defying Brown Adjustable Barstools are right up your alley. These will be the center of every party conversation and the envy of all your neighbors. Check these adjustable stools out in this 360 view video and I bet you will agree.

Chrome Acrylic Clear Bar Stool Adjustable Swivel Short Video

Let your bar be the talk of the neighborhood with this Chrome Acrylic Bar Stool. Most likely your friends have never seen anything like it in a home bar and will enjoy its crystal clear acrylic and shiny chrome.The contrasting materials of this adjustable bar stool are both eye catching and durable.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

50's Style Modern Bar Stool Black or White New 360 Video

This is a great Modern Bar Stool with a retro 50's twist. The classic vinyl and chrome combination is popular with many modern bar stools but the way the styling of these round stools give these adjustable stools a little more character. You will love the feel of the vinyl, available in either black or white and the easy to clean chrome.

Black Bonded Leather Chair New 360 Video

Can a chair leave you speechless? If any can, this Black Bonded Leather Chair will. With bonded leather strips and chromed steel this chair is a head scratcher until you take a seat and realize how comfortable it is. Unique and comfortable, you can't ask for more than this unconventional accent chair.

Black Leather Bar Stool **Video**

Treat yourself to a new seat with this plush Black Leather Bar Stool. Stylish and comfy, the stool will hold up to a lot of use. Not only is this adjustable stool durable it has timeless style with its chrome square base and horizontal stitching. See this adjustable stool for yourself in this 360 video!

Brown Leather Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool 360 Video

This Brown Leather Swivel Bar Stool has a warmer more inviting feel than its black leather counterpart. Because of the color this bar stool gives the own more options, it could be used in the kitchen as a counter stool or in a lounge style bar. The chrome finish of this adjustable stool also gives it the edge needed for a traditional basement bar.

Black Leather Adjustable Bar Stool 360 New Video

This Black Leather Bar Stool has a nice mix of traditional bar stool styling with its chrome base and contemporary details such as the arm rests and hydraulic lift. Ow yes a hydraulic lift on an adjustable stool, you cannot get more modern than that. Check it out in this 360 video.

Black Leather Adjustable Bar Stool 360 Video

Every detail of this Black Leather Bar Stool is shown in this 360 video. Check out the unique square base, the shiny chrome frame and foot rest and don't forget the durable black leather. Go on, take a closer look at this adjustable stool in this short video.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Brown Leather Bar Height Bar Stool 360 New Video

Slim, sleek and stylish is what comes to mind when seeing this Brown Leather Bar Stool. The rich brown color of the leather gives a war inviting feeling to this leather stool. Also available in black and in a dining chair, this bar height stool can fit into any home setting.

Black Leather Bar Stool New Video

You could not ask for more than what this Black Leather Bar Stool already offers. Black bonded leather, sturdy steel from and a shiny chrome foot rest are a few of its features. Check out this bar height bar stool for yourself in this 360 view video.

Black Leather Dining Chair with Black Leather Legs Video

Not only can I picture these Black Leather chairs in anyone's home dining room but because of their sleek modern styling and slim size I can also see them in many restaurant settings. Either way if you have limited space, these fully bonded leather dining chairs would be perfect. Give them a look in this 360 view video.


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