Monday, December 28, 2009

Home theater seating in the warehouse

We get a lot of people coming out for home theater seating so I'm hoping I can answer some of your questions about it here. First question...who makes these? We do, these are 100% ours. The are NOT Berkline, Coaster or anyone else's. What we wanted to do was make a seat that was better but at a lower price. So these pictures show you some of the finished quality of the seats:

This is the underneath of the 8326 model, notice how it is fully covered so no wood is exposed. This was in direct response to some of our competitors that didn't bother to finish the udnerside.

Here is one lying on it's back with the "foot" out.  All of the working pieces are completely sealed!

Here is the finished product sitting up in our warehouse.  We had created some risers out of pallets and cardboard.  The seats looked fantastic, but of course I'm biased.

We are seriously in a limited supply situation in our Chicago Furniture Outlet and we are selling our odds and end pieces (might be a mixed leather lot or returns or photo models) and the chairs were going for $179 each.  Once the returns are gone, they are gone so if you have questions or want to check quantities, email us.

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