Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's Inspiration: Eames

I stumbled across this great video of Charles Eames debuting some of his new modern chairs on NBC in 1956. As described in the video the chairs were developed out of the idea that furniture can be mass produced out of durable materials at an affordable price. The same idea has followed through into the reproductions. Of course people are more likely to seek out the original chairs but they often find that the originals are difficult to find and often very pricey. Reproductions have their place as an affordable option for people who enjoy the style of modern contemporary furniture and also enjoy the discount price. Many of the chairs shown in the video are sold as reproductions and are available in our furniture outlet.

The modern plastic rocking chair, as a reproduction in our return items section, sells for $56.

The small modern plastic accent chair with chrome legs, as a reproduction in our return items section, sells for $30.

A lot can be learned about our favorite furniture by taking a look back at where it all began.

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