Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color Of The Month: Red

I couldn't help myself, I love red. I don't care if its red or burgundy, leather or plastic, I just love it. So I decided to run around the outlet and pick out all the red pieces, they were not hard to find as they REALLY stand out. We have sofas, dining chairs, bar stools, accent chairs and theater seats

Adding a pop of color to your current space is an easy way to spice things us. You do not have to spend very much to make a big change. Personally I love the Red Leather Modern Chair (#1).

Come by our Chicago outlet and check some of these pieces out, you will not be disappointed. 

1. Lintlaw Red Leather Modern Chair- $245
2. Lino Transparent Red Acrylic Dining Chair- $44
3. Red Leather Modern Sofa- $755 Chair- $454
4. Cyma White Molded Chair- $77
5. Red Leather Chair- $194
6. Red Fabric Convertible Sofa- $348
7. Red Fabric Club Chair- $231
8. Modern Red Sofa- $1587
9. Burgundy Home Theater Chairs - $699 (row of 4)
10.Lasenza Red Stool- $94

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