Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Design of the Le Corbusier Chair

Amy M. Miller

Le Corbusier furniture has become a popular addition to many homes. A Le Corbusier chair can add elegance and a classic look to a living or family room. The design of the furniture holds a modern yet sophisticated architectural design that is pleasing to the eye of many different types of designers. Many homeowners find that the furniture fits in with many design themes with ease because it is a simple yet interesting model.

Le Corbusier sofas and Le Corbusier chairs were developed by a designer in Paris, France in 1929. The furniture is still recreated today by many furniture designers because the intriguing design is timeless and classic. Le Corbusier furniture mixes the media of soft cushions and hard metal to create a simple industrial inspired look. The legs of a chair or sofa are often held by metal bars that also wrap around the cushion of the furniture. The metal bars create a smooth line that draws in the eyes of the observer. The metal bars also contrast against the softness of the chair or sofa cushion and back, giving it an artistic and architectural feel. The texture of a hard and shiny metal against a smooth and soft cushion is also appealing to the eye because it creates an interesting contrast in the design of the furniture.

The design of chairs and sofas with this beautiful contrast has also led to other Le Corbusier furniture. There are many furniture design companies that have started producing coffee tables, bar stools and other pieces of furniture to accent the Le Corbusier chairs and Le Corbusier sofas. Many homeowners are drawn to an entire living room set that uses the Le Corbusier design features. Homeowners that are in the process of decorating a room may find that the design makes the room feel large because of its thin lines and free design. Since Le Corbusier furniture also mixes a classic and elegant design with a modern and simplistic look, it can blend in easily to many design themes.

The design of Le Corbusier furniture has a timeless and highly desirable aesthetic that many furniture design companies are still using in their present designs. Homeowners are still choosing this type of design for their homes because of its beautiful yet modern and sleek look. Although the design was implemented in 1929, it is still used today in a variety of home decorating items and will more than likely still be used in many years to come.

Amy M. Miller has extensive experience and specializes in living room furniture. This article is one of her special series for our Chicago art and Chicago gallery.

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