Friday, April 9, 2010

Chicago Art and Chicago Gallery

Recently Crain's Chicago published an article about artists who were leaving the Chicago gallery scene. They were initiating new spaces to sell and exhibit their art.

A photo depicted a restaurant displaying of large art work hung on the walls along with a group of people enjoying a meal. The artist had, I assume, rented and paid for the food and space. No price was mentioned as to how much they spent or how much their art was going for.

Another artist or group of artists had an art party and their apartment. They sent out invites, no other advertisements were mentioned. We did not read about sales, maybe they were just having a good time. None of the above venues are new; the gallery invites to a restaurant or an art party. Artists make art, people who are not "artists" make art. Harry Boris, that dear critic, no longer with us, once bemoaned the fact that the making of art had become democratized or was that demonized? Did that translate to no longer the realm of men and the snob Chicago gallery scene?

So with the explosion of everyone making art came the co called Chicago Gallery scene selling the work to all of the people making the art. Whew!

Art is hurting our eyes and filling our storage space. Once I asked my painting professor and mentor "How can you stand looking at all these paintings?" He stated "I don't look at them. I shut my eyes!"

What happened to all this art? What should be done with it? From what I am reading, the artists are leaving the galleries and the galleries are leaving. Oh, Oh, I forgot and important element of this elemental, the person who wants to buy and display art for the purpose of turning their personal space into a - well they have their reasons. What are their needs? Do they know? I don't know art, but I know what I like!" So they look to the Chicago gallery scene. Costs too much! The street fairs: maybe I can get a bargain but will my friends make fun of my taste? Should I get something in a $20 print? Help!

Next I will address the tech nerds who have assumed the role of art directors and trend setters by confusing real artists with their fancy finger work. At a recent meeting of artists, the entry forms were discussed. "Some of this stuff is undoable - what kind of program is this?" A show judge stated she could barely see the images for details of the jpeg. She talked about a photographer who said he was sorry for his fellow artists because they have not mastered the art of the jpeg!

So my fellow artists, throw away the next entry that wants you to hire a technology consultant to fill out the entry form, save the money and run your own show!

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