Friday, April 16, 2010

Chicago Art: How Not to Sell Art

This is one of our Chicago art discussion series.

Years ago, in both my graduate studies and in my professional life, I was molded by some of the meanest S.O.B's you may can imagine. Today I can't thank them enough. They demanded a clear objective to be followed by complete accountability.

One of my health care professionals told me that a good percentage of her clientele didn't really want to get well. The just gave up their time and money. Why?

Don't be a wimp. State right up front stating why you actually don't want to sell your art efforts. List what is wrong, and then detail how the objective - no sales - may be efficiently achieved.

You may, however, mix emotions with business. A good start. Indecision of any type will launch a great failure.

Bring your least attractive work to the sales place. Present it in an unflattering manner. Make it difficult to see. Be tardy, bring it late so as to upset others.

Any rudeness will promote the stated failure. Cut off buyers when they are attempting to speak. You don't care about your stuff, therefore be sure they cannot.

Counter the inferior material you use with hefty overpricing. This will nicely indicate your arrogance.

You may be able to eliminate the above if you simply never show up. That's using your head.

Always talk down to a prospective curator or client. This will indicate your intention not to sell art.

If a golden opportunity appears, be impatient and rude to all around, including the other artists.

You are not really hungry enough for a sale, so your neurotic conversation should be enough to turn anyone against you. You don't want to be successful and happy.

Your station in life is one above being a sales person, rub it in. Remember, if you can't be absent, you could at least be tardy and disruptive.

Keep your objective in mind, if you happen to make a sale in spite of the above you can claim it was not your doing. You are not accountable.

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