Thursday, March 7, 2013



This guy I know was a newly divorced dater.  First thing he did when he rented a house was put a pool table in the living room.  Pool seems like such an old game now, who even plays it?  Bars should have big Microsoft Surface tables where people can get drunk and play Minecraft together.  It would be like being at home, but out. If you think about this guy's pool table in his living room though, it was like he was out but he was in his home.  Maybe I'm just coming up with ways to still do the things you like without talking to anyone.  Anyway, in his bedroom he had a mattress on the floor of each room and no beds.  I was thinking that the women that he was going to be dating, probably in their 40s, aren't going to want to hang out with a guy that sleeps on the floor.  I believe that women at least want a normal bedroom.

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