Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Furnishing Wonder Woman's Apartment

It is hard to get more iconic than Wonder Women and most people are not willing to romp around in tights and a whip to reach such status.

Hands down, the best part about Wonder Women (besides her hair) is her invisible jet. My personal theory on this is that she didn't want to be out shined by her surroundings and the only way to truly achieve this is to make it invisible!

On that note, when ever I pass one of our "invisible" clear acrylic items in our Chicago Furniture Outlet I think about Wonder Women and her jet. If wonder women had a modern fabulous apartment in the city, how would she furnish it? So I ran around the outlet store snapping some shots of what I would image she would purchase for her space.
 Everyone wants to party with Wonder Women, and she knows it, what home bar is complete with out a few clear acrylic bar stools.

 Ok, I know this chair is not completely invisible and she may have to compete for the lime light but every spandex wearing super hero wants to plop down in a comfy chair after a long night of fighting crime.

Maybe we can't all as wonderful as Wonder Women but our spaces can be a little cooler with some acrylic furniture.

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