Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday's Inspiration: Gobbler Motel and Restaurant

You might remember a couple posts back some pictures of The Gobbler Motel, well it wasn't just a motel, it was also a restaurant. Not just a restaurant, but a restaurant with a rotating bar. Everything that caused the motel to be so ridiculous is also present in the bar. Blue and purple velvet mixed with many shades of red. Ow and don't forget about the tufting! I don't know if I would have believed it unless I saw these pictures, so believe it. I could only imagine if a place like this was open today it would be just as busy as it was during its grand opening.

Some of the pieces reminded me of a few things we carry. If you are looking for a similar feel to some of the items pictured you might like our Lia White Tufted Accent Chair. The button tufting on the faux leather chair has a retro feel. Our Ivory Leather Modern Dining Chairs also reminds me of the chairs shown in the last picture. Come by our outlet to see some of these items for yourself!

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