Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's Staff Pick: Mid Century Style End Table

"This sleek end table is my all-time favorite Interior Express product!  This is an absurdly affordable version of classic mid-century modern design.  Not only is it a mere fraction of the price of similar tables offered by competitors, but it is surprisingly sturdy.  I wish our purchasing team would look into adding a dining table size of this same table -- I’d probably find a place for that in my house too!" -Danielle

High-quality and solidly constructed, this mid-century inspired end table is the perfect way to add both great design and tasteful simplicity to your home or office. The side table features a white coated wood top surface perched on a svelte but sturdy white-coated steel base. While it is priced new at $138 there are always customer remorse returns on the floor for AMAZING deals.

If you are looking for other modern items, I would suggest stopping by to see our Arco Lamp. We have more than one of these on the floor currently. The long-stemmed Arco Style Floor Lamp is a must-have accessory for a modern office or home. The steel arch fills space and provides an excellent look to both a sitting room as well as the executive office.

A large marble counterpoint provides a strong base for the lamp and would match perfectly with the marble top of the mid-century inspired table. 

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