Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Full Leather Sofa Ahoy!

I think this is a better format for everyone possibly, just take pictures in our chicago furniture store of both the product and the price so that when people look at our items they have a price to go with it.  That means I have to make sure that there is actually a price on each of the pieces (but that's the life I'm consigned to). 

This sectional sofa is a white / off white full leather sofa.  The thing is BIG, around 10 feet long I think.  There did not seem to be anything amiss with it, but it is currently on the warehouse floor.  The price is slightly over a grand at $1140.  So if you like it, come get it, take it home today.  We can usually deliver this in a few days but if you are in a real hurry and don't have a truck, you can rent one at Uhaul for $19 plus gas (or something similar).

Chicago Furniture

Chicago Furniture

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